Re: Makeing the subshell reliable

On Tue, 18 Jul 2006, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:

the second variant would be embedding the real shell prompt into the
panels. this could work by presenting the shell a really tiny pty.

Could you elaborate, please ? Do you mean implementing another view
for the panels that will display the output of the subshell and will
pass the user input to the subshell ? In short the same behaviour that
is currently invoked by pressing Ctrl+O ?


Shall we keep the prompt in this case ?

i think it would be logical.

But then we shall face the same problems. I mean it is not different
from what we do now. The only difference is that the output will go
to the panel directly and no Ctrl+O would be necessary.

The current code would work well if: [...]

then it would be trivial. the fun would be gone then. :)))

Darn! :)

Reading /proc (if mounted) seems appropriate since it is available on
most of the popular platforms.

in principle yes, but every system has it's own /proc format, which some
of are binary.

It's more like reading a symlink. At least the current directory is
implemented like symlink on the systems I've seen.

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