Re: Makeing the subshell reliable

On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:

On Fri, Jul 14, 2006 at 08:11:55AM +0300, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
 * execution of commands typed at MC's prompt widget trough the

read my lips: NO WAY IN HELL. ;)
this is one of the few actual selling points of mc over all the other

The prompt widget or the fact that if the subshell is enabled commands
are executed trough the subshell ? Don't get me wrong - I want to keep
the prompt widget. What I propose is to handle commands typed at it
just as if the subshell is disabled. I cannot see how commands typed
at the prompt and executed trough the subshell give MC an advantage
over the other file managers.

the fact that i can switch the panels on and off at any time - without
losing the command's output.

Even without the subshell the command output doesn't get lost - just try
it. It is taken care of.

you snipped way too much of my quote. ;-P
without the subshell i can't operate mc while the command is executed, i

Ok. But it can be  as simple as Ctrl-O, execute command, Ctrl-O. There is
only an extra Ctrl-O.

can't use the shell's much better completion, history and line editing,

The subshell prompt widget doesn't perform these via the subshell.

aliases & shell functions and whatever cool features a modern unix shell

Well yes - but see above. Again Ctrl-O followed by a command should do just fine.

offers, and i can't execute a series of commands without switching off

I dont understand this.

point is, i tried several other managers (mostly shiny kde programs,
because they have a much better vfs than mc), and always went back to
mc, because the real shell is right at my fingertips and it's sort-of
integrated with the panels (even if it's only one-way, but alt-enter,
alt-a & ctrl-shift-j are priceless).

I am not advertising the removal of the subshell . I just want to remove the ability to execute commands typed at MC's prompt widget trough the
subshell (if it isn't clear yet). However, if this functionality is
to remain we have to define exactly how it is supposed to work and the
subshell prompt should definitely go. My opinion is that if we start to
impose restrictions on that feature there would alway be a group of confused users since it want behave exactly as they would expect to. But I am open to suggestions.

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