Re: Czech translation needs fixups

Hi Pavel,

On Tue, 2005-10-04 at 10:47 -0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> It would be great if you translate the new "plural" forms. 

The attached patch fixes some case problems in highlighted chracters
and yet more keyboard shortcut conflicts found in dialogs what I haven't
checked before. The "plural" forms are also translated.


Jindrich Novy <jnovy redhat com>,
(o_                                                           _o)
//\      The worst evil in the world is refusal to think.     //\
V_/_                                                         _\_V

--- mc/po/cs.po.cstrans	2005-10-04 23:15:08.000000000 +0200
+++ mc/po/cs.po	2005-10-05 12:53:44.000000000 +0200
@@ -527,9 +527,8 @@ msgstr "u��Kl�s..."
 msgid "Syntax &Highlighting..."
 msgstr "zv�n�ynta&Xe"
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Save setu&p..."
-msgstr "ulo�it na&Staven�+msgstr "ulo�it na&Staven�."
 msgid " File "
 msgstr " Soubor "
@@ -695,7 +694,7 @@ msgid "S&kip"
 msgstr "&P��"
 msgid "Set &all"
-msgstr "Nastavit &v�e"
+msgstr "Nastavit &V�e"
 msgid "owner"
 msgstr "vlastn�
@@ -761,7 +760,7 @@ msgid "&Full file list"
 msgstr "&Pln�am soubor� msgid "&Brief file list"
-msgstr "&Zhu�t� seznam soubor�sgstr "z&Hu�t� seznam soubor� msgid "&Long file list"
 msgstr "&Dlouh�am soubor� -872,7 +871,7 @@ msgid "Stopped"
 msgstr "Zastaveno"
 msgid "&Stop"
-msgstr "Z&astavit"
+msgstr "z&Astavit"
 msgid "&Resume"
 msgstr "&Pokra�at"
@@ -935,10 +934,10 @@ msgid "sticky bit"
 msgstr "bit 'sticky'"
 msgid "set group ID on execution"
-msgstr "p�u�t� nastavit �lo skupiny"
+msgstr "nastavit GID p�u�t�"
 msgid "set user ID on execution"
-msgstr "p�u�t� nastavit �lo u�ivatele"
+msgstr "nastavit UID p�u�t�"
 msgid "C&lear marked"
 msgstr "&Smazat ozna��@@ -980,10 +979,10 @@ msgid "Chmod command"
 msgstr "Chmod"
 msgid "Set &users"
-msgstr "Nastav &u�ivatele"
+msgstr "Nastav &U�ivatele"
 msgid "Set &groups"
-msgstr "Nastav &skupiny"
+msgstr "Nastav &Skupiny"
 msgid " Name "
 msgstr " Jm� "
@@ -1763,7 +1762,7 @@ msgid "&Quit"
 msgstr "&Konec"
 msgid "Pane&lize"
-msgstr "Pane&lizace"
+msgstr "Pane&Lizace"
 msgid "&View - F3"
 msgstr "&Vid�- F3"
@@ -1963,24 +1962,24 @@ msgid "Modified:  %s"
 msgstr "Zm�n:    %s"
 #. TRANSLATORS: "Status changed", like in the stat(2) man page
-#, fuzzy, c-format
+#, c-format
 msgid "Status:    %s"
-msgstr "Vytvo� %s"
+msgstr "Stav:  %s"
 #, c-format
 msgid "Dev. type: major %lu, minor %lu"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Typ za��velk�lu, mal�lu"
 #, c-format
 msgid "Size:      %s"
 msgstr "Velikost:  %s"
-#, fuzzy, c-format
+#, c-format
 msgid " (%ld block)"
 msgid_plural " (%ld blocks)"
 msgstr[0] " (%ld blok)"
-msgstr[1] " (%ld blok)"
-msgstr[2] " (%ld blok)"
+msgstr[1] " (%ld bloky)"
+msgstr[2] " (%ld blok�
 #, c-format
 msgid "Owner:     %s/%s"
@@ -2011,7 +2010,7 @@ msgid "&Xterm window title"
 msgstr "nadpis okna &Xtermu"
 msgid "h&Intbar visible"
-msgstr "tip&y viditeln�+msgstr "tip&Y viditeln� 
 msgid "&Keybar visible"
 msgstr "&Kl�sy viditeln�@@ -2490,7 +2489,7 @@ msgid "&Use internal view"
 msgstr "pou��intern�rohl�E� 
 msgid "use internal ed&It"
-msgstr "pou��intern�&ditor"
+msgstr "pou��intern�&Ditor"
 msgid "auto m&Enus"
 msgstr "automatick�Menu"
@@ -2651,18 +2650,18 @@ msgstr "Vlastn�
 msgid "Group"
 msgstr "Skupina"
-#, fuzzy, c-format
+#, c-format
 msgid "%s byte"
 msgid_plural "%s bytes"
-msgstr[0] "%s byt�sgstr[1] "%s byt�sgstr[0] "%s byte"
+msgstr[1] "%s byty"
 msgstr[2] "%s byt�-#, fuzzy, c-format
+#, c-format
 msgid "%s in %d file"
 msgid_plural "%s in %d files"
-msgstr[0] "%s byt�d souborech"
-msgstr[1] "%s byt�d souborech"
+msgstr[0] "%s byte v %d souborech"
+msgstr[1] "%s byty v %d souborech"
 msgstr[2] "%s byt�d souborech"
 msgid "<readlink failed>"

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