Re[5]: QNX 6.2 patch

> PR> So, s is set, but you don't want to print it?  But s is only set if
> PR> Automatic_Margins is 0.  You don't have the "am" capability, but you
> PR> probably should have it.  Both termcap and terminfo on Red Hat Linux have
> PR> the "am" capability for qansi-m.
> qansi-m does have "am" capability in QNX, but it seems it doesn't
> actualy work.

Sorry, I misread that code in SLtt_goto_rc().  Indeed, s can be defined
even if Automatic_Margins is 1.  Then you could find the exact place where
s is assigned a value.

Perhaps it's better to move this discussion to the S-Lang mailing list
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Pavel Roskin

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