Re[5]: QNX 6.2 patch


PR> So, s is set, but you don't want to print it?  But s is only set if
PR> Automatic_Margins is 0.  You don't have the "am" capability, but you
PR> probably should have it.  Both termcap and terminfo on Red Hat Linux have
PR> the "am" capability for qansi-m.

qansi-m does have "am" capability in QNX, but it seems it doesn't
actualy work.

PR> If that's correct, QNX developers should fix the terminfo database they
PR> put in the OS.

That bug probably resides a bit deeper, in devc-con driver, and it is
closed source. In 6.2.1 this driver is totally rewritten, but the bug
still present. It was reported already, and was not fixed. I shall
try to report it once more, but it will be fixed only in 6.3, which
will be relased probably at the end of the year.
So, in MHO, the best way to work around this bug.

Maybe the whole SLsmg_goto_rc could be put into
"#ifndef __QNXNTO__" block with only tt_printf line remaining?
Or, better way, not increasing overhead in other terminals - just to
turn off Automatic_Margins for qansi* terminals?

PR> The local workaround is to create $HOME/.terminfo, fix and
PR> recompile qansi-m:

PR> mkdir $HOME/.terminfo
infocmp qansi-m >>qansi-m.ti
PR> cat qansi-m.ti | sed 's/acsc/am, acsc/' >qansi-m-fixed.ti
PR> tic qansi-m-fixed.ti

Thank you, I have tried it, but it didn't work. Something in the
console driver is broken, and I can't say what. And the problem is
worse: I can't contact developers who maintain this driver.


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