Re[3]: QNX 6.2 patch

Hello, Pavel!

>> >> - zombie processes when mcview or mcedit is started

PR> Could you please describe in more details how you create zombies?  I don't
PR> see any zombies with CVS mc and QNX Neutrino 6.2.0.

Yes, I do not see any zombies with CVS mc. It seems you have already
fixed it, cause 4.6.0 release do produce zombies when you view or edit
file. Glad to hear that!

Your test works for me as expected, pclose() returns 256, "No error".

<another letter>
PR> By the way, you are using fstat() incorrectly.  The first argument should
PR> be an open file descriptor.  fstat returns 0 on success.  I'm removing
PR> that check - it's not required.  dlopen() will return NULL on non-existent
PR> files.

Sorry,  that  was  my mistake. Thank you for pointing and fixing it. I
have messed it up with stat() call. And agreed, it is not needed,
can't even say why I've put it there...

There's  one  more bug with mc in QNX, which I can't track down due to
my poor knoledge of teminals and slang library. Those bugs appear only
if  mcslang used and no termcap is used (default configuration).

All 3 are not mc related, but qnx terminal related, all appear only in
"qansi-m"  terminal.  Even  if  I do "TERM=xterm ./mc" and stay in
console, doing same things, I never get them.

1)  When  I  drop  (pressing  down  key) first(left) pulldown menu, it
spreads  all  over the screen, line by line, adding 2 additional weird
symbols  instead  of  '\n'(?)  to  each  line, and continuing printing
without any '\n'`s. Those symbols seems to be 0xec and 0xe8.

2)  When y=16, menu line is shifted (x) far from its real place. It is
truth  with  only first(left) and second menus. "Left" menu has bottom
line shifted shifted, "File" menu has "Mkdir" line shifted.
[  if  I turn off SLsmg_draw_vline() first(left side) call, those bugs
do not appear ]

3)  When  I  drop  second or third menu, and press down key, the first
menu  item appeares shifted on 2 positions, one stange character and a
space a printed before it. That only happens to first item.

QNX terminal is known to be a bit brain-damaged, some escape sequences
produces  rubbish,  some  never  actually  work.  Those  problems were
reported  times  and times since 2000 to QSS, but they have never been
fixed, even internally.
Almost  messy  is cursor positioning sequence. I have to use termcap's
one, but I've got the same results.

What could it mean? How to track down such bugs? Have someone seen
something similar?

Pavel: How was that bug with reversed colors in qansi-m fixed ? (it
was reported by Pavel Shirshov, IIRC).
Could I roll back somehow those changes?


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