Re[3]: QNX 6.2 patch

Hello, Dmitry!

> PR> Could you please describe in more details how you create zombies?  I don't
> PR> see any zombies with CVS mc and QNX Neutrino 6.2.0.
> Yes, I do not see any zombies with CVS mc. It seems you have already
> fixed it, cause 4.6.0 release do produce zombies when you view or edit
> file. Glad to hear that!

I cannot fix of anything that could affect that bug.  I'll have a look.

> There's  one  more bug with mc in QNX, which I can't track down due to
> my poor knowledge of terminals and slang library. Those bugs appear only
> if  mcslang used and no termcap is used (default configuration).

OK, I'll have a look, but I was testing mc on the QNX console yesterday
and didn't see anything wrong.

> 1)  When  I  drop  (pressing  down  key) first(left) pulldown menu, it
> spreads  all  over the screen, line by line, adding 2 additional weird
> symbols  instead  of  '\n'(?)  to  each  line, and continuing printing
> without any '\n'`s. Those symbols seems to be 0xec and 0xe8.

I'm sure I would have noticed it.  Are you using QNX 6.2.0 (Momentics)?

> 2)  When y=16, menu line is shifted (x) far from its real place. It is
> truth with only first(left) and second menus. "Left" menu has bottom
> line shifted shifted, "File" menu has "Mkdir" line shifted. [ if I turn
> off SLsmg_draw_vline() first(left side) call, those bugs do not appear ]

I don't understand anything.  What is "y"?

Anyway, when something is displayed incorrectly, it's usually sufficient to
reproduce just 1 problem.

> What could it mean? How to track down such bugs? Have someone seen
> something similar?

If you want to solve this problem, translate the terminfo entry to termcap
using infocmp, use mc compiled with termcap and use binary search to find
the option responsible for the breakage.

> Pavel: How was that bug with reversed colors in qansi-m fixed ? (it
> was reported by Pavel Shirshov, IIRC).

setf and setb were incorrectly interpreted.  Unlike the ANSI standard
colors, they specify color in BGR (blue=1, green=2, red=4).  This
translation wasn't done in older version of S-Lang.

Look for BGR in S-Lang 1.4.8 sources.

> Could I roll back somehow those changes?

Why do you want that?  Is there anything wrong with them?

Pavel Roskin

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