Re: rpm --nosignature


Pavel Roskin wrote:
+#      View=%view{ascii} ar p %f control.tar.gz | tar xzO control ./control
2>/dev/null ; echo "" ; echo "Filelist:" ; ar p %f data.tar.gz | tar tzv

That's something different.  Checking for programs in PATH from mc.ext is
not implemented, but it's planned.

Stupid me :-(

I didn't realize that lib/ was also changed, not just
vfs/extfs/rpm.  I didn't even test it.  Good that I've had a chance to
test it now - there was a missing semicolon there.  It's fixed now.

I think that mc.ext should become a script some day.  It would either run
something itself or it would return a command (like %view) back to mc.
It would be easier to write such rules without having to put them on one

May be it worth the efforts to implement multiline support there with \ as last character at end of line, just like bash and C.

I don't like idea with script. As for me it will be difficult to implement this in shell, and I will complain about perl.

BTW, mc.ext's Include feature is not documented in manual, as far as Charset Conversion. Walery Studennikov will be in army soon, so he has more vital tasks now ;-(

Andrew V. Samoilov

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