Re: rpm --nosignature


> > +#      View=%view{ascii} ar p %f control.tar.gz | tar xzO control ./control
> > 2>/dev/null ; echo "" ; echo "Filelist:" ; ar p %f data.tar.gz | tar tzv
> That's something different.  Checking for programs in PATH from mc.ext is
> not implemented, but it's planned.

Stupid me :-(

I didn't realize that lib/ was also changed, not just
vfs/extfs/rpm.  I didn't even test it.  Good that I've had a chance to
test it now - there was a missing semicolon there.  It's fixed now.

I think that mc.ext should become a script some day.  It would either run
something itself or it would return a command (like %view) back to mc.
It would be easier to write such rules without having to put them on one

Pavel Roskin

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