Re: [PATCH] aclocal.m4: Enable configure to detect the presence of terminfo database on OpenBSD


> Here is another simple patch to improve configure's behaviour on OpenBSD.

I don't understand what exactly your patch supposed to fix.  What is the
problem?  Have you tested your patch?  Does the problem go away?

> [..]
> terminfo(5) on OpenBSD says:
> /usr/share/terminfo.db  file containing terminal descrip-
>                         tions on OpenBSD

OK, but your patch is for the MC_WITH_MCSLANG macro, which is only called
when using the included S-Lang library.  S-Lang doesn't understand
terminfo in a file.

It seems to me that your patch would force mc to use terminfo on a system
where terminfo is only available in an incompatible format.

Pavel Roskin

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