Re: rpm --nosignature


> > I think that mc.ext should become a script some day.  It would either
> > run something itself or it would return a command (like %view) back to
> > mc. It would be easier to write such rules without having to put them
> > on one line.
> May be it worth the efforts to implement multiline support there with \
>   as last character at end of line, just like bash and C.

Yes.  I think we can simply rewrite consecutive backslash and newline with
two spaces in regex_command() without moving data.  It can even be done
immediately after loading the data, before the huge loop.

> I don't like idea with script.  As for me it will be difficult to
> implement this in shell, and I will complain about perl.

You don't like Perl?  OK, we'll see how far we can go before some radical
changes become necessary.

> BTW, mc.ext's Include feature is not documented in manual, as far as
> Charset Conversion. Walery Studennikov will be in army soon, so he has
> more vital tasks now ;-(

I've added "Include".

I think the charset support will become default soon, maybe even in 4.6.1.
The dialog needs to be redesigned.  Ctrl-T should be in the menu.  The
documentation will be added.

Best luck to Walery.

Pavel Roskin

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