Re: [PATCH] aclocal.m4: Enable configure to detect the presence of ncurses on OpenBSD 3.2


> OpenBSD 3.2 (I think also earlier versions, but cannot confirm) comes
> with ncurses as the default screen library. However it is installed as
> /usr/lib/, there is no libncurses in OpenBSD by default.

Strange.  I won't be surprized if the link to libncurses is missing for a
reason, e.g. because some ncurses functionality was dropped from the
library.  I hope you have tested your patch.

> This patch alters the macro MC_WITH_NCURSES to properly handle this
> situation - it first tries to find the 'has_colors' symbol in libncurses
> and then fallbacks to libcurses.
> Please check the patch for possible errors, since I'm not good in auto*
> stuff.

Your patch appears to be correct.  I have applied it without changes.

Pavel Roskin

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