Re: rpm --nosignature


> > > Can somebody with RH 8.x distro test attached patch. I don't know is
> > > that rpm option order sensitive.
> >
> > It's working fine.  Thank you!
> hmm.
> then the same trick (if ... then) could be used for dpkg-less systems,
> to fallback to ar+tar if no dpkg installed:

Yes, except that "rpm" and "rpm --nosignature" accept the same parameters,
while "ar" and "dpkg" accept very different parameters.  Maybe if dpkg is
missing, the "dpkg" script should behave exactly as the "uar" script.

> +# for dpkg-less systems:
> +#      Open=%cd %p#uar
> +#      View=%view{ascii} ar p %f control.tar.gz | tar xzO control ./control
> 2>/dev/null ; echo "" ; echo "Filelist:" ; ar p %f data.tar.gz | tar tzv

That's something different.  Checking for programs in PATH from mc.ext is
not implemented, but it's planned.

Pavel Roskin

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