qansi-m iso_printable patch (Was: a small fix for QNX 6.x)


New patch attached.
Now it checks for "qansi-m" terminal and acts as xterm code does.


>> QNX 6.x console driver (both devc-con and devc-pcon) is a bit buggy
>> dealing with 8bit characters. A.e. printing out 0x9a leads to
>> inserting a weird string ' 6c' to stdin.
>> One can't use full 8bit output with mc, cause localized filenames or
>> viewing binary file could corrupt the screen or even crash mc itself.
>> +#ifdef __QNXNTO__

PR> I understand that it's just a quick hack, but you are confusing the terminal and
PR> the OS.  If you login from QNX console to another OS (e.g. FreeBSD), you still
PR> want the remote mc to work around this defect of the QNX terminal without having
PR> to disable clean 8-bit output on FreeBSD.

PR> Maybe it's better to have a list of the ISO-only terminals?  xterm-like
PR> terminals are already treated as such.

PR> It would be great if mc could figure it out from the terminfo database, just
PR> like other terminal properties.

PR> Another approach would be to remove the "clean 8-bit" option and use charset
PR> conversion for the charsets using the problematic 0x80-0x9f region.

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