a small fix for QNX 6.x


QNX 6.x console driver (both devc-con and devc-pcon) is a bit buggy
dealing with 8bit characters. A.e. printing out 0x9a leads to
inserting a weird string ' 6c' to stdin.
One can't use full 8bit output with mc, cause localized filenames or
viewing binary file could corrupt the screen or even crash mc itself.

There's a small hack against it:

--- src/util.c.orig Mon Dec  9 16:42:20 2002
+++ src/util.c  Sat Jan  4 19:56:40 2003
@@ -77,6 +77,10 @@
     c &= 0xff;
+#ifdef __QNXNTO__
+    return is_iso_printable (c);
     /* "Display bits" is ignored, since the user controls the output
        by setting the output codepage */

Dmitry Alexeyev

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