Re: [PATCH] lynx-like jumpkeys


> > What about non-number key ending "move-by-number"
> > mode? No timeouts neccessary.
> Good idea. I'll try to implement that.
> > I still dont see how it is better than C-S, through.
> Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser [01] - Nierika.mp3
> Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser [02] - Song Of The Stars.mp3
> Dead Can Dance - Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun [01] - Anywhere Out Of ~.mp3

In such case, implementing tab to "fill as much as
files have in common" might be good idea.

> Additionaly, CTRL+S does not work in listboxes. I personally like

Well, that seems like a bug to me :-).
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