File exists but cannot be stated fix (Was:"File 'cd0' exists but cannot be stated" fix for QNX 6.x)


>> Hello!
>> QNX 6.x CDROM driver always keeps file '/fs/cd0', which exists, but
>> cannot be stat()'ed if there's no disk in drive.
>> a.e. you may see something like that (without mc running):

PR> There is no such word "stat()ed".  Whoever wrote that code didn't care about
PR> users who don't know C programming.  Perhaps that author of that code didn't
PR> expect that to happen.


PR> I have already said that whoever adds new messages should think how the messages
PR> would sound in his native language.  English is often considered as a "computer
PR> language" by those who learn it while using computers, but there are many native
PR> English speakers who have absolutely no idea what the stat() function does.

PR> Small hacks cannot really help here.  A better fix would be to treat such files
PR>  like directories and to remove that message.  Maybe such files should be marked
PR> by "?" instead of "/".  Displaying an error message for every such entry is
PR> clearly an overkill.

New diffs are attached.
Those files are marked '?' and are coloured with STALE_LINK_COLOR.

>> +#ifdef __QNXNTO__

PR> I prefer generic solutions.  We have similar hacks for SCO UNIX in the code, and
PR> it's hard to figure out now whether that code is still functional and whether
PR> the hack could be useful for other OSes.


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