Re: qansi-m iso_printable patch (Was: a small fix for QNX 6.x)


> New patch attached.
> Now it checks for "qansi-m" terminal and acts as xterm code does.

This is better, but I still don't feel good about using this ad-hoc
approach.  I think that the option "Full 8 bits output" should be removed.
The 128-159 range of characters causes problems on many terminals, not
just on "qansi-m".

The reason for "Full 8 bits output" was to allow displaying files in
encodings that use the 128-159 range, such as CP-866 (Cyrillic

Now there is an optional support for charset conversion.  It's incomplete,
but usable.  Those how need it should enable and use it.  CP-866 can be
converted to KOI8-R or ISO-8859-5, which don't use the problematic range.

When the charset conversion code matures and becomes default, "Full 8 bits
output" will go away.  For now, I have changed the default for "Display
bits" to "ISO 8859-1".

Pavel Roskin

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