Re: Microblogging Workflow

On 2012-05-17 12:17, Allan Day wrote:
Hi all,

I do most of the GNOME microblogging, but I often find it difficult to do it effectively. One reason for this is that there currently isn't a
way to schedule a post. I'll often think of things that need posting
at times when they won't get exposure, or I'll think of three
different posts all at once. I really need a way to schedule
microblogging posts.

Our microblogging posts are currently published on From
there they are pushed to Twitter, and from Twitter to Facebook. I've
been unable to find an client that allows scheduling (they do
exist for Twitter). This leaves two options that I can see:

1. Change our workflow so that we publish posts on Twitter and push
them to from there. Then use a Twitter client with
scheduling capabilities.

2. Use the Wordpress install to schedule microblogging posts
and push them to Twitter.

The second option seems nicer to me, because it gives us a common
shared platform for publishing news. I'm imagining that we'd have to
install a plugin and create a separate news category for
microblogging. Potential downside: we clutter the Wordpress install
with lots of microblogging guff.

Thoughts? Opinions?

hey Allan,

I'm mostly just bumping this up as I finally catch up on email from when I was away :)

This sounds like a good plan to me - is it easy to use the Wordpress install in that way? I think it would be worth the inconvenience to be able to do this. I'm not a microblogger by nature, but it's really important we have that kind of content out there (and I usually think of things to microblog long after they're relevant, and think darn...)


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