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On 08/21/2012 09:43 PM, Bruce Byfield wrote:
One more thing I forgot to mention: if your marketing team wants to some
media training, I'd be happy to set something up. I've participated in
some very successful ones via IRC, with one channel for the main
discussion and another for comments and questions. I could probably
enlist one or two other FOSS journalists, too.

My suggestion for a format: 10-15 minutes of opening statements by
journalists and/or media experts, followed by the answering of
questions. It would also be useful to have someone who does nothing but

Any interest?

I bet there would be.

I previously put together with Jennifer Cloer a media training session at the Linux Foundation collaboration summit (Zonker came in and gave some tips from the press side, Jennifer talked a little bit more about putting together a communications strategy, and the pitfalls to avoid - things like calling journalists trolls ;-) ) - and discussed with Stormy whether we should do one at GUADEC too - there was some interest, but it didn't happen during the Desktop Summit in Berlin.

I'd personally love to see something a bit longer (like a full day), with, for example, some mock interviews, with a group preparing for the interview beforehand, then giving it, and then commenting afterwards on the success of the spokesperson re staying on message, preparing press talking points, and putting together a press pack, how to generally gather a list of journalists, build relationships with them, and stay on top of media mentions, etc.



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