Re: push back on negative articles

Hi Bruce,

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 11:10:18AM -0700, Bruce Byfield wrote:
> Negative articles? Are you kidding?
> Because I mention what many people in the community are saying? What some 
> GNOME developers are saying?

I totally was wrong about you. My apologies.

I honestly was only reading the article, nothing more. It seems like yet
another rant, based on things I in my head explained loads of times (I
spent loads of hours each week saying pretty much the same thing).

> If I didn't care what was happening in the free software community, I wouldn't 
> have written the article in the first place. I would be doing a poor job as a 
> journalist, and doing nothing for the community if I only reported on the 
> happy things and ignored the problems.
> That said, if anyone cares to engage in a responsible conversation about 
> GNOME's current state and how the project is being received, you're welcome to 
> get in touch. I can't guarantee publication of the result -- that is 
> ultimately up to my editors -- but I would certainly be interested in writing 
> an article that accurately reflects opposing views.  I don't have to agree 
> with a position to think that it's worth letting other people hear.

About the latter: I actually do like if people disagree. I just thought
some assumptions were really easy and IIRC there were some bits about
'GNOME developers will probably do XXX' that made me assume the worst.

In any case: sorry.


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