Re: getting a domain of

Hi Olav,

But what are your requirements?

It first starts off with 'events'. Wordpress doesn't do 'events'. It is
going to be wasteful if we spend time setting something up if apparently
everything is fine (plain HTML and Wordpress).

E.g. with a CMS or Wordpress I don't see anyone handling conferences..
maybe some plugin exists, but if we don't know, we (sysadmins) won't
plan for it (or even have time for it).

Please give some thought to what is really needed. We might not be able
to provide it, but at least we'll know up front.

This is not just for the Gnome 3 release but for Gnome Community Building and Marketing.

I am contributing to Gnome for several years as l10n coordinator and also conducting workshops around the country.

As you all know l10n dashboard is ok for l10n but not for other Gnome fans from my community.
We can post about upcoming and completed events as well as Gnome specific information in our own language.

This is kind of long term plan, yes we can use external resources such as blogspot or WP but its not good for Gnome branding.

Anyway I would like to keep the same theme on the portal as well.

Danishka Navin

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