Re: recruiting sponsors

2009/5/26 Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org>:
> I agree and I think there's two ways we could deal with this. I'm
> recommending the second.
> 1) Completely divorce adboard seats from money. Make the adboard by invite
> only. We would get/keep a lot of control but we would lose our leverage to
> raise money through the adboard. (Also, many of our supporters in companies
> use this as a way to convince their management that sponsoring the GNOME
> Foundation is a good thing. It gives them a seat on the adboard which
> enables them to work closely with the GNOME Foudnation and project.)

Hi Stormy,

Well, as I see it, if a company wants to be in the board, they should
probably be in the board (meaning, if they have the will to be
involved, they probably have some value to add). We could state that
only foundation members can be in the adboard, and that the inclusion
in the adboard has to be negotiated with the board of directors first
to discuss what values do they want to provide. I don't think we lose
the leverage given such scenario, we just lose the 1-1 map between
foundation and adboard members.

Alberto Ruiz

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