Re: recruiting sponsors

2009/5/26 Dave Neary <dneary gnome org>:
> Hi,
> There's a trade-off here:
>  * We want an influential advisory board with big supporters of GNOME
>  * We want more money
> Currently, we have the influential advisory board, and all the members (with
> the possible exception of Google, SFLC) are involved in distributing or
> developing GNOME and the GNOME platform. We don't want to lose that, but we
> want to increase funds available. One possible way is to increase how much
> we receive for the advisory board dues from each member. Another way to
> raise more money is to have a corporate sponsorship program where people get
> a reward for giving a certain amount of money. But I think it's vital to
> keep the two absolutely, and completely, separate.

Totally agree. I don't think it's worth populating the AdBoard with
companies/orgs that cannot add value. But still, I know organizations
that would be happy to just be part of the foundation as a bare
marketing thing or a way to pay back what they get out of the project
with no intents at all of being part of the adboard.

Alberto Ruiz

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