Re: GNOME 3.0 Marketing Brainstorming #1 - Audiences

Good evening,

I'd like some feedback on the Market Segmentaiton page on lgo:

This page was put together at the end of 2005 but I personally think the information is over 80% accurate.

I'd especially like feedback on the 3 types of users (beginner, advanced and expert) and the comments on advanced:

By (computer) experience

End users can be segmented by experience levels:

  1. The beginner and infrequent user,
  2. the advanced and frequent user, and
  3. the experienced user.
According to a post in the Ubuntu forums, Ubuntu as a platform is currently suitable for beginner and experienced users only, not for advanced users. This may also be said about Linux and GNOME.

I'd like to revisit the idea of the "advanced" user - with the move to web applications over the last few years, would you agree with the statement that GNOME is not suitable for advanced users?


On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 12:18 PM, Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com> wrote:


I've done a first pass of recapping our discussion on Audiences on lgo:

- Accessibility is a government requirement in many countries (e.g.
 Section 508 of the Disability Act in the U.S.A.), and many schools
 need to support students with accessibility needs.  So, accessibility
 should probably also be a bullet item under "Schools & Government".

- Also, the fact that free software does not lock your data into
 proprietary formats is attractive to many users and governments.
 With free software there is no question that you will have continued
 and free access to your data.


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