Re: GNOME 3.0 Marketing Brainstorming #1 - Audiences


So far we have:

* Users
* Linux distributions
* Media
* Developers

Who else comes to mind?

Users with particular needs which are well met by GNOME software,
especially humanitarian needs.

For example: users with accessibility needs; users who speak languages
that are translated in free software but not proprietary software
(typically 3rd world languages); people who can not afford proprietary
solutions, etc.

While these audiences may be small, I think they are important to
highlight.  Also, I suspect the real audience is larger than those
we use the features because some people base their consumption choices
on humanitarian reasons.  So, in addition to reaching out to those with
these specific needs, we can reach out to those who would consider
choosing GNOME to support a platform that helps the disadvantaged in

I think that highlighting this humanitarian audience helps to make
GNOME more compelling to people.  Many people prefer to be thought of
as humans rather than users of technology, and the GNOME platform is
well poised to highlight its real human benefits.


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