Re: Become a friend of GNOME button

Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:
I've came up with an alternative for the Friends of GNOME button. I've
got it running on one of my own websites. You can see the result here.
I feel this is a bit too much diversion for the front page. It was designed
with the primary goal of pushing people to donate, and I don't want to drift
away from this too much.
A link beneath the link to "List of previous donors" should probably be

I'm afraid that if we put a link below "List of previous donors"
nobody will notice it and I believe it's key to get many people to put
a badge on their site. I also agree with you that currently my
proposal is a bit noisy and could distract too much. Especially the
HTML code distracts. What about this version

Both the button and the hyperlink link to the pages with the badges
I'm still not quite happy about it.
Our number one goal is to get people to donate, to get others to donate is a secondary goal. When I first enter the page now, it appears that I can become a friend of GNOME either by putting a badge on my website, or by donating money. It's too prominent now, especially as it's placed in the top, right corner.
- Andreas

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