Re: Become a friend of GNOME button

>> I've took your page and changed it such that the .wml file is correct
>> and pushed it to git. The result is here
>> However after I pushed it actually occured to me that it's probably
>> not a good idea to have this called Spread GNOME. We're asking people
>> to financially support GNOME not to encourage people to encourage
>> people to use GNOME.
> Some quick ideas for what it could say instead:
> * Promote the Friends of GNOME program
> * Spread the word
> * Collect more donors

I would say we go for "Promote the Friends of GNOME program"

>> Furthermore since we're asking people to financially support GNOME
>> having a button called "GNOME Lover" is probably confusing. If I put
>> the "GNOME Lover" button on my blog and somebody clicks on it an
>> average user will expect to land at the GNOME homepage and not at a
>> donation page.
> Right. I'll try to come up with just different sizes all saying only
> "Support GNOME".

Wouldn't it be better that the badges look more like a button. Users
might be more tempted to click on it.

> (as a sidenote, if anyone feels up to creating a simple wordpress plugin
> with graphics+link, that would be amazing!)
>> I've came up with an alternative for the Friends of GNOME button. I've
>> got it running on one of my own websites. You can see the result here.
>> The major change is that in the side bar we ask people to promote
>> "Friends of GNOME" by adding a button to their site
> I feel this is a bit too much diversion for the front page. It was designed
> with the primary goal of pushing people to donate, and I don't want to drift
> away from this too much.
> A link beneath the link to "List of previous donors" should probably be
> enough.

I'm afraid that if we put a link below "List of previous donors"
nobody will notice it and I believe it's key to get many people to put
a badge on their site. I also agree with you that currently my
proposal is a bit noisy and could distract too much. Especially the
HTML code distracts. What about this version

Both the button and the hyperlink link to the pages with the badges

>> Furthermore a couple of small changes which I think are improvements
>> 1) At the end a paragraph for companies that might want to become
>> corporate sponsors
> Maybe a bit too much outside the scope of the site.
I'd say it doesn't hurt either. It's at the bottom of the page so it
does not distract. Furthermore if we really succeed in spreading the
badges the probability of a person representing a company landing on
the friends page is getting high. If we get one more corporate sponsor
by putting up the text here I think it's already worth the trouble


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