Re: Become a friend of GNOME button

I agree with Andreas. It's true that we should want many people to put a
badge on their side, since it's a prerequisite to find more donors.

But to fix this, a prominent place for the link to the badges page will
not be sufficient. Just a small fraction of GNOME users will visit the
friends page, and of these, only a small fraction will have a blog or

Therefore, we will need to "advertise" the badges page by other means,

When the badges page will be ready, we could use 

 - the GNOME Announce mailing list, 
 - a planet.gnome blog (Stormy's, maybe?)
 - the GNOME frontpage

to announce the badges program.

It will probably also be useful to send reminders via
every 6 weeks or so, since our main problem might not be a lack of
willingness to help, but procrastination.

Thus, I suggest to just put another headline under "Cooperate
sponsorship" with a small text and link and move on. Remember: You can't
optimize what you didn't measure. To get it the word out is probably
more important right now.

Best regards,

On Mon, 2009-05-11 at 10:35 +0200, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:
> >>> I've came up with an alternative for the Friends of GNOME button. I've
> >>> got it running on one of my own websites. You can see the result here.
> >>>
> >>>       
> >> I feel this is a bit too much diversion for the front page. It was designed
> >> with the primary goal of pushing people to donate, and I don't want to drift
> >> away from this too much.
> >> A link beneath the link to "List of previous donors" should probably be
> >> enough.
> >>     
> >
> > I'm afraid that if we put a link below "List of previous donors"
> > nobody will notice it and I believe it's key to get many people to put
> > a badge on their site. I also agree with you that currently my
> > proposal is a bit noisy and could distract too much. Especially the
> > HTML code distracts. What about this version
> >
> >
> >
> > Both the button and the hyperlink link to the pages with the badges
> >   
> I'm still not quite happy about it.
> Our number one goal is to get people to donate, to get others to donate 
> is a secondary goal.
> When I first enter the page now, it appears that I can become a friend 
> of GNOME either by putting a badge on my website, or by donating money. 
> It's too prominent now, especially as it's placed in the top, right corner.
> - Andreas

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