Re: Brochure for potential sponsors: need help!

2009/3/23 Jonh Wendell <jwendell gnome org>:
> Em Seg, 2009-03-23 às 07:24 -0600, Stormy Peters escreveu:
>> I'd be interested in a separate version targeted at GNOME Foundation
>> members. I think as a marketing team, we should think about how to
>> explain the benefits of the GNOME Foundation to its members.
>> Providing infrastructure for the GNOME project.
>> Sponsoring community events.
>> Providing travel to members to GNOME events and to speak about GNOME
>> at other events.
>> ...
>> Stormy
> Also would be great to have a generic version (not only to Foundation
> members), showing what GNOME is, what GNOME Foundation is, and how to
> contribute to the GNOME project. I would be more interested in that
> version.

Actually, becoming a Foundation member is a natural step that comes
after contributing. So I guess the most effective way to get new
members is to outreach new contributors (and a more interesting way as

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> Jonh Wendell
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Alberto Ruiz

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