Re: Brochure for potential sponsors: need help!


since the objection of the flyer is to reach potential sponsors, maybe
we should consider telling them what benefits they'll get, not what
features GNOME has.

On a site note, we may also like to tell them why GNOME matters to them,
not what GNOME is.

This is following the line of "No-one wants a quarter-inch drill: they
want a quarter-inch hole."

I had some free time today and tried to make a draft so it's hopefully
easier to see what I mean. The draft should be available here:

If that doesn't work, see the RecentChanges on

Please note the text probably contains errors, since I'm not a native
English speaker. It's also not quite finished since I'm not up-to-date
concerning many GNOME developments. I also had to waste some time
redoing the layout in Scribus since I'm not used to Inkscape.

The Scribus source file is available for all interested, of course.

It would also be cool to have testimonials and quotes from existing

Also, while the design is nice, I'd like to suggest to use a better
format -- a double sided A3 in 4 colors, for example. With digital
printing, it shouldn't be that expensive, anymore.

Best wishes,

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