Re: Brochure for potential sponsors: need help!

Hi Andreas,

Is the brochure done? Or are you still working on the color? (I've got people I can send it to!)



On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 5:03 AM, Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se> wrote:
Claus Schwarm wrote:

since the objection of the flyer is to reach potential sponsors, maybe
we should consider telling them what benefits they'll get, not what
features GNOME has.

I had some free time today and tried to make a draft so it's hopefully
easier to see what I mean. The draft should be available here:"">
Oh, I just finished the layout on Friday, just need to figure out the best tint of green left basically. Should have let you know earlier.

I'm not sure I'm a fan of the two column layout in your version. Feels like a lot of text, and if you give the folder to someone on a conference, you can't really expect them to read through the whole thing (or anything at all, if it seems to heavy).

Please note the text probably contains errors, since I'm not a native
English speaker. It's also not quite finished since I'm not up-to-date
concerning many GNOME developments. I also had to waste some time
redoing the layout in Scribus since I'm not used to Inkscape.
What texts did you change exactly?
I like the "4 reasons why you should you should join...", but maybe the GNOME text is a bit big and too detailed.
I'll let other weight in on what texts they like better.

Also, while the design is nice, I'd like to suggest to use a better
format -- a double sided A3 in 4 colors, for example. With digital
printing, it shouldn't be that expensive, anymore.
My idea for the folded A4 format was that it would be possible to print it out with a regular printer for anyone who wanted. I've kept it to 2 color print in order to save money when printing it at the printer (even though we might end up doing a small amount of them printed digitally, so maybe it won't matter).
- Andreas

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