Re: Revamping Friends of GNOME: help with web page text (with updated text!)

It would also be nice to build up a collection of photos of people
using GNOME A11y technologies, and testimonials from people who find
GNOME makes a difference in their lives.  I'd think this would be a
great addition to the Friends of GNOME website.  Are there people
in the GNOME a11y community who could help with this?

Also, lets try to collect photos that have good Creative Commons free
licensing, so we can use them freely as needed for other things
(presentations, etc.)


That's a great idea. Pictures and quotes would be awesome. Do we have
people that could easily reach a few kids in Peru and take some pictures
and get a fun, short quote? (I can take one of my stepson but I don't
think that would send the same message. :)

I imagine that Pia Waugh would be able to give us some photos from the
pacific, and I am guessing that we can get publicity photos directly
from OLPC for other countries.

And not just One Laptop Per Child. Maybe at GNOME.Asia we can get a few
pictures and quotes from people using GNOME in other languages.

Why wait? I think that you might be able to reach some foreign GNOME
users (and also get some screenshots & photos of projects) through this
list and the gugmasters list.


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