Re: wgo structure

I still think "Learn" is better than "Ask". "Ask" is good to reflect
mail/forum/IRC, but shadows documentation. True, from "Learn" to
'support forums' there is a gap, but I think the meaning is better
covered than using "Ask". If we find the 'I want to ask something' use
case is relevant we can have a 'GNOME FAQ' promo in the homepage linking
to the usual sources of questions & answers. 

About nouns vs verbs.

Sometimes we look for things (nouns), sometime for actions (verbs). 5
static words will partially fail in all cases, no matter which
combination we pick. 

The navigation bar is not standing alone. In fact it's a strip in a page
with other primary focus of attention. The navigation bar needs to be
effective in this context. People looking for something specific should
find it in the big items of the homepage or in the search box we will

If we go for verbs we are inciting an active, moving experience, which
is appropriate for the GNOME mantra. If we ask ourselves what is GNOME
(in one sentence) we will probably realize that the trend is to define
it more as a process than a thing. GNOME moves, and the nav bar verbs
help setting the tone and direction of this movement.

El dj 10 de 08 del 2006 a les 11:24 +0100, en/na Alex Hudson va

> The thing that's good about using nouns is that I usually come to a site
> looking for something

Yes, but chances that your something matches a nav bar term are low.
Either if you find "Development" or "Create" you need to make an
assumption before clicking.

> I'm on google searching for something, and then going to a site. E.g., "documentation
> for burning cds in gnome" or something.

Agreed, but this has very little to do with the nav bar. The title of
the page is much more important and we won't put "Learn" as title for
the page where we explain how to burn CDs in GNOME.

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