Re: wgo structure

On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 11:27 +0200, Quim Gil wrote:

[GNOME logo]  Discover - Try - Learn - Create - Join

> I think Learn is in fact better, softer than "study".


> Anyway, I guess what counts here is to have the opinion of native
> English speakers.
Hi!  John the native English speaker here. 

I have come to this discussion late and am trawling through the archives
to get some context.  Forgive me if I say something silly ;-)

I really like the idea of using verbs instead of nouns in the
navigational structure.  I agree that "Learn" is better than "Study".
My only concern is that when scanning the possible areas to visit, it is
not obvious where to go for help.  (I know, I know: "Learn".)  Also,
"Learn" is a bit too similar to "Discover" in this context.

How about:

[GNOME logo]  Discover - Try - Ask - Create - Join

A pretty weak attempt at something better, I know.  I'm hoping to kick
off a bit of a brain-storm here.

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