Re: A printed GNOME Journal for GUADEC?

I invite you (plural) to think first the printed "GNOME Journal - GUADEC
Special Edition" of your dreams. How many pages, size, quality paper,
cover, color/B&W... Then the GUADEC Committee will measure the budget
for this dream and we will tell if this is feasible or not.

About contributors, GUADEC 2006 has got 100 presentations submitted in a
couple of weeks, and something tells me we could get some help from here
to produce quality content in a couple of months. You also have the
contributors from Stuttgart until Vilanova, I'm sure that if you pick
the very best and ask the authors to updated/adapt them for a printed
edition to be delivered in GUADEC 2006 they will accept. 

About human resources for producing the Journal (design, copy, etc) I
think it is possible to get more help if we announce the project. It can
be a good opportunity to get new contributors with a non-usual-suspects
profile, as it has happened with the GUADEC website.

Like Dave says, we can have a budget for these tasks if needed, too. 

Don't get me wrong if, in marketing terms, I say we are getting a decent
income from corporate sponsorship and we are getting also a decent
awareness of potential GUADEC participants; we need to satisfy both and
we need to satisfy/enforce as well the GNOME marketing strategy. A cool
and professional-looking printed GNOME Journal delivered to all GUADEC
participants is an asset that helps achieving all these goals. 

We produce so many things, but most of them are digital, online...

And then we all meet in Vilanova, and we give away a tanbgible jewel: a
printed GNOME Journal with useful GUADEC info, great GNOME articles (why
not the very best reedited as well), a good selection of pictures with
real people, nice colorful graphics (tangos + stuff),
marketing materials shown off (all these loving posters and banners we
have) and sponsors ads (other conferences and projects would die to

I'll tell you one thing. Considering that the presentations submitted by
the potential speakers are already mostly published online (and this is
different from previous editions), maybe we don't need to repeat all
this in a printed program. What is useful is to have a schedule you can
have in your pocket and check all the time (the inner sheet of the GNOME
Journal, easy to detach). The rest can be a pure GNOME Journal
interesting for GUADEC but in fact interesting for GNOME 2006.

If we achieve this I'd be happy finding the resources for printing 2.000
and letting people take them to spread them in their own groups etc. We
know that by doing this our sponsors and our local groups would be
happier. And the GNOME Journal team, and the contributors, and the
MarketingTeam, etc. 

So: why to stop this way of happiness?   ;)

Claus, I understand your concerns but think big: a printed GNOME Journal
- GUADEC Special Edition may get much more contributors than the average
online journal. And this project may push the journal itself to a next
level after GUADEC.

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 21:40 +0200, Claus Schwarm wrote:
> Is there any background info? Is there a max. number of pages, for
> example?  How many copies we are talking about? 500? 1.000? 5.000?
> What about color? 4c completely or just the outside pages? DIN A4 or
> DIN A5?
> Please don't get me wrong: I do like the idea. 

Quim Gil /// |

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