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Is siggraph something we should be interested in? Projects like the GIMP
have participated before, and with the usage GNOME is getting in
Hollywood, perhaps it's something we should consider.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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Hi all,

I know there's not many foundations here with direct interest in the CG business, but nevertheless. :)

Already since Blender became opened up 4 years ago, I try to get Siggraph (the main conference for computer graphics) to do more for open source projects. This typically with mixed results, in general we're banned to the periphery areas away from the center hotspots.

Since last year Siggraph offers the opportunity for non-profits and universities to rent floorspace on the tradeshow, for about 25% of the normal price. I'm seriously considering this, also because we can partner up with a EU consortium for it.

Floorspace per 10x10 feet unit is 1500 USD, additional costs for furniture rental etc is unknown, something between 1000-2000 USD max. Things would go much smoother though if I could combine it with more organizations. I'm thinking of a nice 20x30 island booth, which could host up to six projects then. The Blender Foundation can do all organization/producing work for this, and finance it up to 50% max.

Question; are there organizations on this list interested to participate? Or; is there an organization with a budget available to sponsor us? Visual presence of FOSS projects on the tradeshow in Siggraph would really be a cool happening. :) Needless to say, with our Open Movie (creative commons) "Elephants Dream" we already got a great eyecatcher!



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