Re: A printed GNOME Journal for GUADEC?

Just to clarify things, I'm proposing a printed+online GNOME Journal
produced by the GNOME Journal team with your own editorial criteria,
with the GNOME Journal visual identity... I imagine it as a GUADEC 2006
special edition, with content relating to whatever is being
presented/discussed in Vilanova.

The media partner printing it has nothing to say about the content or
the design. They will have a "Printed by"-alike credit somewhere, that's
all. By being media partners they get some visibility in the website and
printed materials we produce, plus a handout in the participants' bag.
They are happy embedding in their magazine whatever we deliver to them. 

The only requirements would come from the GUADEC Committee: it needs to
contain the GUADEC program and the ads agreed with the GUADEC sponsors.
Some basic info about Vilanova might be useful as well. The rest is
based on your editorial choice.

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 15:31 +0200, Claus Schwarm wrote:

> If there's room to fill, I suggest to write the usual program stuff:
> forword of an Spanish official, a nice background story on Spain's IT
> industry, interview with somebody the audience is interested in, maybe a
> background story about working in Spain as a foreigner, the history of
> GNOME with images... this sort of thing.

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