Re: GNOME at Asia Source

<quote who="Sayamindu Dasgupta">

> Well, wrt feedback localisation and fonts, I think the people in the
> localisation track (one of them is CC'ed) would be able to give you the
> required info.

Cool, thanks.

> In the migration track (I was one of the facilitators in this one), people
> were very comfortable with GNOME (some of them complained about spatial
> Nautilus, but when I showed them middle clicking, the complaints went
> away). However, the participants were quite confused when they dragged a
> folder from file-roller onto the desktop and the icon "flew back" into the
> file-roller window. I had to explain to them that they had to wait until
> the extraction process had completed.  There was also a feature request
> from the participants for some kind of database support for Glabels. I
> told them about Glabels' support for CSV files - they said that they would
> look into that once they go back to work.

Ah, some very common end-user queries. Good to see commonality around the
world when looking at our shortcomings. :-)

> I think one of my co-facilitators, Colin Charles (IIRC, he is subscribed
> to this list) may be able to give some more feedback related information,
> since he was handling another set of participants in the "Desktop tour"
> session.

Sweet, and thank you for all your work on the day! A friend of mine has come
back to Australia bursting with excitement about the conference - I'll have
to make my way there next year.

- Jeff

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