Re: GNOME at Asia Source

<quote who="Sayamindu Dasgupta">

> I am at Asia Source at Bangalore (,
> an eight day hands-on workshop aimed at building the technical skills of
> those working with NGOs in South and South East Asia.
> All the systems in the lab (at least the migration and the l10n labs)
> currently have Ubuntu installed, and except for a few laptops, I have not
> seen many non GNOME desktops around.
> We  are using GNOME for the Migration Track, and there are people using
> the Linux desktop for the first time, and they seem to be absolutely
> comfortable with it.

Dude, that's completely awesome! Did you get much feedback on localisation
issues, fonts, etc?

- Jeff

GUADEC 2005: Stuttgart, Germany            
  "Whoever wrote [the Twisted documentation] uses a vivid and interesting
         style of prose which triggers pleasure." - Francois Pinard

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