Re: GNOME at Asia Source

On Wed, 2005-02-09 at 00:04 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Sayamindu Dasgupta">
> > I am at Asia Source at Bangalore (,
> > an eight day hands-on workshop aimed at building the technical skills of
> > those working with NGOs in South and South East Asia.
> > 
> > All the systems in the lab (at least the migration and the l10n labs)
> > currently have Ubuntu installed, and except for a few laptops, I have not
> > seen many non GNOME desktops around.
> > 
> > We  are using GNOME for the Migration Track, and there are people using
> > the Linux desktop for the first time, and they seem to be absolutely
> > comfortable with it.
> Dude, that's completely awesome! Did you get much feedback on localisation
> issues, fonts, etc?

Well, wrt feedback localisation and fonts, I think the people in the
localisation track (one of them is CC'ed) would be able to give you the
required info.

In the migration track (I was one of the facilitators in this one),
people were very comfortable with GNOME (some of them complained about
spatial Nautilus, but when I showed them middle clicking, the complaints
went away). However, the participants were quite confused when they
dragged a folder from file-roller onto the desktop and the icon "flew
back" into the file-roller window. I had to explain to them that they
had to wait until the extraction process had completed. 
There was also a feature request from the participants for some kind of
database support for Glabels. I told them about Glabels' support for CSV
files - they said that they would look into that once they go back to

I think one of my co-facilitators, Colin Charles (IIRC, he is subscribed
to this list) may be able to give some more feedback related
information, since he was handling another set of participants in the
"Desktop tour" session.


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