Would you be kind to keep marketing-list gnome org in the loop on 
anything?  We can maybe help with marketing materials and what not.


On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 03:41:30PM +0000, Thomas Wood wrote:
> ==================
> GNOME-UK is about organising and promoting GNOME awareness in the United 
> Kingdom. This includes, among other things, organising stands and Linux 
> Events, such as the Linux Expos in London.
> If you'd like to be involved with GNOME activities and meet GNOME users 
> and developers in the UK, then sign up to the mailing list, or pop in to 
> the gnome-uk channel on IRC.
> Mailing List
> Website
> IRC Channel
> #gnome-uk on
> _______________________________________________
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> gnome-announce-list gnome org


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