wooing government.

I was looking at a slashdot story (yeah, I know bad precendent)
and the Governor of our great state seems to be quite infatuated
with Open Source.  

I'm seriously considering trying to set up a meeting him with to show
the GNOME desktop.  However, since governors tend to be very busy
people, thinking of a 5 minute end to end speal on what GNOME is,
what problem it solves, and how much money it'll save the government
sounds like an interesting challenge.  There was a guy who tried
to introduce a bill on open source, talking to him might give me
some hints on how to deal with legislators.

Currently, the Governor and our local Portland city mayor has been
trying solve the funding (or lack thereof) of school systems and
introducing a viable linux desktop for use in schools.  Now, school
systems are using Linux but I'm not sure in what capacity though.
But used in class rooms that would be great. (as opposed to say a
network router or something)


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