Re: GNOME en P2P networks

En/na Santiago Roza ha escrit:

> on the other hand, as a tech journalist myself i tend to be well
> informed about these issues.

Then, my journalist colleague, you should we careful when writing that
something is ilegal when no judge has declared its ilegality.

Where have you seen a judge declaring someone guilty for doing what the
99% of people are doing in the P2P networks (copying and downloading
music, videos, books etc for non-profit and private use)?

> go search a random free software
> project in emule or gnutella, and see if the most popular result is an
> md5-equivalent copy of what you'll find in the official website.

Ok! Opening gtk-gnutella...

- Mozilla. 518 results after 1 minute. The Firefox.exe setups are on the
top of the ranking. The 1.5 version sits on the top. Let's see...  Oops, it's the latest. Thunderbird...
1.0.6 gets the first position followed by the latest 1.0.7, it's clear
what should I download.

- Ubuntu. 5 results and only 2 isos. One is 5.10 install, the other is
5.10 live. That's breezy, lastest version, I don't need more results.

- Fedora. 90 results but this is a Italian name as well. Rank par
size... on the top I have a good collection of reference books, bibles,
and then a list of rpm packages.

- Debian. 62 results. Same things: bibles, cookbooks and some isos
version 3.1r0a. Well, this looks also like the latest stable version.

- OpenOffice (without .org). 96 results, mostly spam but ranking by size
I get on the top v2.0.0win32install.exe, the latest as well.

Let's approach the GNOME terrain...

- Gimp. 180 results polluted by that "Bring out the gimp" song, although
filtering the mp3s the top file is - also the latest

- Abiword. 104 results. v2.4.1.exe sits on the second position, the latest.

- Gaim. 44 results. gaim 1.5.0 sits on the top. Latest version.

And let's see the great GNOME brand:

- gnome: 271 results. On the top by size
MorphixCombined-GNOME-0.4-1.iso, the latest stable version of this
distro AFAIK. Apart from this.... David Bowie songs, Southpark videos,
mp3s, avis.... looking specifically for software I get tar.bz2 that will
be perfect useless for non-Linux users (i.e. shared-mime-info,
desktop-file-utils). No manuals, no guides, no cookbooks, not a single
pdf in the first chunk of results an average user would check.

>>P2P networks are full of free software and free culture, and we want to
>>be associated with this.
> no they're not

It only depends on what are you looking for. Maybe you didn't look for
free software and free culture, that's all. Other do. It would be good
they'd find our free software and our free materials.

But no problem, Santiago. We don't need to dicuss this. I rather follow
the example of the Gaim, Gimp, Abiword, Mozilla etc fans and I put som
GNOME-friendly exe's and zip's in my shared folder.

Quim Gil -

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