Re: Re[4]: [libxml++] patch to allow building without glibmm

> MC> The API matters. Glib::ustring is an API to UTF8 code, and the strings
> MC> are always UTF8.
>  But _how_ does it matter? If it does, my patch must be breaking something
> but I spend a lot of time reading the code and I couldn't find any place
> where it did matter.

It matters in the application if the document contains UTF-8 and you try
to do the_string.substr(2) or the_string[3] or convert to upper or lower
case in your document, or sort the strings. I recommend that you read the
documentation for Glib::ustring.

I don't believe that anybody can guarantee that their system will never
need to support UTF-8.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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