Re: [sigc] need help to bulid libsigc

Den 2016-04-18 kl. 06:13, skrev krishnaLee:
Dear Kjell:
1,I just download one package(libsigc++-2.99.5.tar.xz --14-Apr-2016 08:53---944K),I unpack it and search files /,not exist.
A directory name in one of your previous posts was libsigc++-2.99.1. That made me believe that you tried to build libsigc++ 2.99.1. and exist in 2.99.1, but not in 2.99.5. They are not needed any more, but the MSVC build files have not been updated.
2, C1XX is due to missing files:( /
I want something easy to build and use,so I download libsigc++2.8 as you say,I build it  ok.later I new a win32 console application ,at  the config panel,it it strange that I should use VC++ directory to set the head file path,not c++ directory.I must only use"#pragme comment(lib,"***.lib")" to include the lib file,other include-lib-manner such as add lib path to library_directory will is so difficulty ,but at last it works.I think it is better to provide a pre-build package or a tutial to specify how to build and config it on some platform.

The build files for MSVC have a tendency to be out of date in libsigc++ and other C++ packages, like glibmm and gtkmm. We need more volunteers who want to maintain the packages for Windows. Most of the development is made on Linux. The ambition is to make them usable also on Windows.


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