Re: [sigc] need help to bulid libsigc

I recommend that you build from a tarball at instead of downloading from the git repository. libsigc++-2.8.0.tar.xz at is a good choice. There are newer versions at libsigc++/2.9 and libsigc++/2.99 but they are unstable versions.


Den 2016-04-05 kl. 16:11, skrev jian:
Dear friends:
        I download the source from,then I use msvc2013 open the sln file to build it on windows 8.1 64 operation system,missing a lot of head files.
        I include the <sigc++/sigc++.h> files  to construct a simple project from the lessons you provide on the site,but the "sigc::signal<void>..." can't be recognized...
       so I wander if libsigc++ can use in my platform,or can you provide  any detial-steps  to build it on windows?


        ----//from sssky307


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