Re: [sigc] need help to bulid libsigc

Dear Kjell:
1,I just download one package(libsigc++-2.99.5.tar.xz --14-Apr-2016 08:53---944K),I unpack it and search files /,not exist.
2, C1XX is due to missing files:( /
I want something easy to build and use,so I download libsigc++2.8 as you say,I build it  ok.later I new a win32 console application ,at  the config panel,it it strange that I should use VC++ directory to set the head file path,not c++ directory.I must only use"#pragme comment(lib,"***.lib")" to include the lib file,other include-lib-manner such as add lib path to library_directory will is so difficulty ,but at last it works.I think it is better to provide a pre-build package or a tutial to specify how to build and config it on some platform.
thank you very much.

----from sssky307

At 2016-04-17 16:19:50, "Kjell Ahlstedt" <kjell ahlstedt bredband net> wrote:
Some of your problems, I don't understand.

1., No such file or directory.
These files are included in the libsigc++ 2.99.1 tarball. Haven't you expanded all files from the tarball?

2. file not exist: c1xx
Who needs this file? I can't find a reference to it from any other file. Is it a file that MSVC requires?

3. constexpr
It's known that MSVC 2013 can't build libsigc++ 2.99. See bug report
Do you need some feature in 2.99? If you can use libsigc++ 2.8 or 2.9 instead, do that. It's not certain that 2.99 (and the coming 3.0) will be adapted to MSVC 2013.


Den 2016-04-16 kl. 11:32, skrev krishnaLee:
Dear Kjell:
I copy the file: msvc_recommended_pragmas.h to the lib path,I build it again,still fail... see attach pictures.
thank you pay attention to my questions.
----from sssky307

At 2016-04-16 00:55:33, "Kjell Ahlstedt" <kjell ahlstedt bredband net> wrote:
MSVC complains that it does not find msvc_recommended_pragmas.h. I found a reference to that file in MSVC_Net2013/sigc-build-defines.props. I don't use MSVC myself. I don't know if msvc_recommended_pragmas.h is necessary, or if you can just tell MSVC that you don't want it included in your code. I also found that it's part of glib. You can find it at

It's unfortunate that libsigc++ uses a file from glib, when it's built by MSVC. libsigc++ does not otherwise depend on glib.


Den 2016-04-15 kl. 09:57, skrev krishnaLee:
Dear Kjell:
  I download the new source as you say--->
  but I still can't build it successfully,I just open"libsigc++-2.99.1\MSVC_Net2013\libsigc++2.sln" to build by msvc2013,see attach picture.

----from sssky307

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