Re: GIR-based vala bindings

On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 20:12, Lorenzo Masini <lorenxo86 gmail com> wrote:
> Il giorno lun, 11/04/2011 alle 00.24 +0200, Jiří Techet ha scritto:
>> Hm, no idea what's causing the difference. How about the girs, are
>> they identical in both cases? (i.e. isn't this problem rather related
>> to some changes in the introspection scanner?)
> The gir files are identical.
> But... I don't know how/why but I can't reproduce the "bug" anymore...
> Have we to be happy or sad? :D

We'll have to survive somehow that the bug wasn't fixed by us and
learn how to live with it :-).

>> Oops, I've never noticed it, that's definitely wrong - I've fixed it
>> in master but this changes the API so I'll keep it as it is in the
>> 0.10 branch. But does this change fix your problem? For instance the
>> demo we have uses only libchampplain without gtk so this change
>> shouldn't have any effect.
> No it was only a thing I had under my eyes since long time, but
> everytime I forgot to notice it to Pierre-Luc or you.

It's a known fact that stable releases refresh people's memory what
should have been fixed in the API before the release. Thanks for
noticing it anyway.



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