Re: GIR-based vala bindings

On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 09:53, Lorenzo Masini <lorenxo86 gmail com> wrote:
> There is something wrong in the libchamplain-0.10 tarball.
> I tried to compile it with --disable-debug --disable-static
> --enable-vala configure switches on a clean system. I was using
> vala-0.12 (released yesterday).
> The generated vapi are not usable.
> Could someone try (maybe with a different version of vala) to compile
> libchamplain with the same configure switches?

Hmm, strange, I've tried with the same switches with Ubuntu Natty
(which has switched to Vala 0.12 about two days ago) and it works
fine. Isn't there something broken in your Vala installation?



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